Friday, July 13, 2012

All in the day of a Memah!

My day started early today. I knew it would. Today is a day of loudness! Trevor & Baileigh are here for the day. It started early, about 6:30 or so. Nicole brought them in, and woke me. Told me the kids were in their room watching Netflix on the computer nice & quiet! That lasted 5 minutes! As soon as Grampy came out of the shower...the volume cranked!
They have had breakfast and lunch. Which in itself is a story I would not bore you with! It is interesting when they say they want one thing and the menu changes in a split second! But, they ate! My kitchen paid the price for it, but it is cleaned up now.
Then off to swimming. The pool is a whopping maybe 15 inches deep and they think they are in the ocean :) Kinda funny! Until...yup! The Bee makes an appearance! Then I have 2 kids running around the yard like it is a swarm! And it was 1! Heehee! Once we controlled the screaming, and they came to see I was not lying..the Bee has left...back into the pool! And then more drama! The end of the world according to Baileigh! Her hair has gotten tangled around her new earring. She wants me to get scissors and cut her hair! Oh no way! I finally, through her screaming fit, managed to untangle her hair and explain to the best I could a 5 year old....that she will live, and still has hair :)
My afternoon is just starting with the lil boogers....Let's see what the rest of the day has for me! It is always exciting looking through the eyes of the children! It is a simpler life...Maybe we all need to try to live that way! Simpler!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

So, I have my beautiful Military Macaw named Oscar. I was told "He is a mean bird so we named him Oscar"....well, Number 1)The bird isn't mean! And 2) Oscar is a she!
She laid eggs. Obviously, she can not hatch them because she does not have a mate. But we now know she is 8-9 MAYBE 10 yrs old and definatly and SHE!
Now...the bad part for me :( Since moving to this house, Oscar can not come out as much unless I am sitting in the room to make sure she and the dog do not "argue". So, if I am busy or just not home...Oscar doesn't get to stay out of her cage much. And she has this horrendous scream when she is mad at me. Now do not take this wrong, she has every right to "scream" her macaw screams...BUT, this house is so little and it echo's so she does it a lot! I think goofy the bird likes the sound echoing! LOL! I just think it is not fair for her to have to remain in her cage and do not want her to be covered because she is screeching to hear herself. She does have a few words, loves to play, actually allows me to handle her wings. She is a great bird and once she is used to you, she will let you handle her. She steps up :) I love Oscar, and because I love her...I have to sell her. I have to do what is right by her and not me! I am asking $500.00 or best offer for her and her cage. If you know someone who is seriously interested and has some sort of experience with birds...PLEASE let them know about my sweetie.
I hate doing this .... UGH!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Oscar

Well, I am going to do this here first! I have the most magical Military Macaw named Oscar. I rescued her out of a bad situation in Massachusetts. She was living along side a beautiful Green Wing Macaw. However, the living situation was disgusting. The house was literally falling down, we had to be careful where we stepped to not fall through the floor, and the owners were feeding them only sunflower seed and peanuts! The lady would stop by on her way to work & bring the birds bottled water as there wasnt even water in the house. The owners no longer lived there....just these two gorgeous birds.
I so badly wanted a Green wing :) Well, the green wing hated me! And this beautiful Military Macaw (they named Oscar and called "him" grouchy) was going to another house. But, as the days turned into weeks, the Military..."cranky" "miserable" "jerk" of a bird started talking to me, feeding from my hands, stepping up, playing with Trevor with shoe strings...she was absolutely bonding with us!! Soooo, she stayed with me and the Green Wing was homed with a friend.
I love Oscar. I sincerely LOVE this bird! However, since moving to the new house, she can not be outside the cage for hours and even all day anymore since if I am not in the room...I am afraid the cat or dog will fight with her. So, she is stuck in more than out :-( .... what to do????
Sooooooooo.....the question!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I adopt her out? Do I sell her?? Do I pray this works out? Someone help me! I need opinions! Serious opinions! What do you think??????

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Did you ever feel....

Hi there, just me a rambling nothings all over the page because I can. I came across an old feeling and decided that I am no longer going to allow certain things or allow certain people to continue to treat me the way they do.
I am a 44 year old mother, wife, friend, cousin, aunt, niece...I think ya get what I am saying. But I am also Tracy. And Tracy is not liking how certain things are happening.
Did you ever think people would never treat you like you are a "toy"? Well you see, I have come to the realization that there are people in my life that do. When it is convenient for them, they take me off the "shelf", "dust me off", get me to do what they need....and then when they are all done, I get put "on the shelf", "back burner" how ever you may want to call it. Well I am tired of it! I am no longer going to allow people to call me "friend" when they need things!
I am tired of being called for a cake, photo's, babysitting, pet watching...but I am nothing more than someone who does them a favor and then I am not even a thought again until they need me again. Some people will read this and think I am talking about them, well...maybe I am am and maybe not. But, if you are thinking I am talking about you, maybe you have a guilty conscious. And if you do...maybe you should realize you are not someone I am going to have in my life anymore! The question should not be "Well, am I who she is talking about?" The reaction should be "I am glad I am not that kind of person"!!
So, think carefully before calling and asking me anything! I am beyond willing to help people. I love to be the one who has all stuff to offer! I can take a great photo! I can bake a kicking cake! I can babysit your kids and love them up & spoil them! And the best part, I WANT to do that for my friends! I will give you anything I can! I will do anything I can do! I will do everything in my power to help. And all I ask back is the same!
I am so tired of having anxiety issues and having to take anxiety meds. I remember a time in my life when I was anxiety free, pain free, and just loved life. I want that back. But it will not happen. I have come to terms with the pain levels. I have even come to terms with the anxiety. But what I can not come to terms with are those people who decided I am their "toy". I will not allow anyone to treat me like that anymore.
I have God in my life! I have great REAL friends in my life! I have great family! So, Hello world :) Goodbye Drama Llama!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To try or not to try!

Well hello there. So, my father in law went to a diet center. They promised him the world, and what he got was a $5000 credit card bill and a crap load of vitamins. ( Well, while he attended the supposed laser lipo, he did appear to loose weight. His waist shrunk and he felt better. All the while, Dean & I think with the all the vitamins (he took 23 in the morning and another 30 at night) that he was so full of vitamins, he didnt eat and that is why he was loosing. Not this stupid machine. Along with the weird machine and tons of vitamins, he tried some kind of "cleansing" that I am thinking of. So, folow me .... Dad would make this concoction (or however you spell it! LOL) The Master Cleanse Lemonade The lemonade is prepared by mixing the ingredients in this free recipe: ■2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice. Burroughs recommends organic lemons, fresh, not bottled juice. Limes may be substituted. Lemon zest and pulp may be added ■2 tablespoons of maple syrup. This must be pure maple syrup, not pancake syrup. ■1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper. Burroughs insists that cayenne chili pepper be used, but permits ramping up from a lesser amount if the taste needs getting used to. ■Water. Recommends a 10-ounce glass of medium hot water, but also allows cold water to be used. Some have interpreted “10-ounce glass” to mean 8 ounces of actual water. And drink this for 3 days on 3 days off for a week! Now this wonderful man lives on his own and can do this! You see, I have been warned! This is what I have read and been told! "Purchase a large supply of toilet paper and Tucks witch hazel wipes. If you share your bathroom with others, agree on a unique emergency code phrase like “It’s coming,”or “Elvis is leaving the building” to alert other members of your household that you need them to vacate the bathroom quickly; also, consider purchasing a supply of adult diapers." So, why on earth would I want to do that to my body?!?!? Is it good for the body or bad for the body?? Also, my next question is this, with all the meds I need to take in a day, what happens during the cleanse? do they all get flushed out? Looks like I will have a discussion with a Dr. to make my final decision. But, if it does work, I suppose it is worth it in the end. The next step after this is the lap-band as I know if I can actually get the weight off, I WILL feel physically better! Anyone have opinions?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My little Princess turns 5!

Well I am a little late with this post. Things were a little crazy the last few days. I would love to tell everyone Baileigh's story as I did Trevor's! My little princess has turned 5 years old! Where did THAT time go! Well, as many know, I had a major back surgery on 5/23/07. As I was leaving for the hospital, Nicole sent me a text to tease me she would have her Baileigh while I was under the knife. Well, I told her no repeating what happened with Trevor! LOL! Baileigh was to remain cooking till I got home! Well... Are ya ready for this one!!?? So, on May 27th I was finally discharged to go home after the nightmare surgery. I had reactions to the tape, the meds they gave me, just it was a very bad experience and now I had "extra parts" in me. Well, anyways! I came home and got myself up the flight of stairs, got settled into the sleeper sofa (I did not want to be stuck in my bed, so chose to stay on the sleeper...which by the way was comfortable at one point! LOL). Life went on for the first few hours. I got settled in, had people come by to say hi and welcome home, and I got to see Krystle before she left for Pennsylvania. The night came on, we all went to sleep...and then IT happened!! First thing the morning of the 28th Nicole called to say she was in labor! Dang you Nicole!! I said not till AFTER I could get up and down the stairs!! Geesh! So, I called my sister and told her to please get to the hospital right away. I needed her to be there with Nicole as I could definately NOT get up and down the stairs! I asked Dean & Meagan to go. Meagan really wanted to go, but Dean was afraid to meave me the day after coming home. I wanted them to go be with Nicole...but my husband would not leave me :) That is until we got the phone call that Baileigh Elizabeth has arrived!! A beautiful little princess with 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes! And then it happened...Dean got something into his heart and decided that if I would promise to be a "good girl" and remain in the bed, he would take Meagan to meet her new tiny niece Bails :)So, I stayed home and they went to meet the new lil Princess who just melted her way into the hearts of us all! Currently, Baileigh is doing fantastic in Head Start and will start Kindergarden this fall! I can not believe that my child is old enough to have babies, let alone the fact that my grandchildren are in school!!! Pretty neat feeling! :) Happy Birthday Princess!!!!! Memah Loves YOUUUUUUUU!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A different time

I was going to write why it was a different time... but just decided to keep it in for now :) Heehee....I am going to keep you waiting a little longer!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tomorrow Trevor (my oldest grandson) turns 8. I mean really? How did that go by so fast? Is it that fast because of the time I had him and raised him? Or is it life just happens that fast?

I clearly remember packing up on a Friday to go camping with my sister almost 2 hours away & having Nicole tell me she was staying at Craig's for the weekend. She wanted to go camping, but we wouldnt take her that far away. Nicole kept teasing me as I packed that if I went camping without her, she was going to go into labor! Silly Nicole, you still have 6 weeks to go! So, with that....Meagan and I left Friday mid-morning on our adventure to the campground to be with Tammy, TJ, & Toni :)

Well ya know...these things called cell phones were pretty popular at that time (I know I know!!!! LOL) and my husband just loved to call me on mine! Saturday Tammy had taken TJ to baseball?? practice or a game and I was hanging with Meagan & ToniLyn. It had started drizzling so I decided since Meagan only came with 1 pair of shoes (ALWAYS check your childs bags when traveling!) we would go up the road a bit and get her flip flops or some sorta shoe that would hold up in water. Approx. 1:45ish my cell rang and it was Dean (Surprise!!) calling to tell me Nicole's water broke & she was headed to the hospital. I told him not to bother me, I was busy with the girls and it was starting to rain....I thought he was busting them on me for not being home. And I hung up on him! Not once...but 3 times :) Well.....anyone wanna take a guess on the 4th ring!

Nicole was on her way to the hospital, Tammy had the keys to the camper and was an hour away in a different direction. (I know what you are thinking!!! CT is not that big!) So, I hung up with Dean when he made it clear he wasnt kidding and Nicole was really heading to the hospital! My heart sank now! He is early! Crapola! So, I called Tammy...she started driving from where she was and I just locked the doors to the camper (indows open, awning up) and left for home. 2 hours away!!!

I got to the hospital and handed the kids off to Tammy & Dean and went flying into the room where my daughter was in labor!! With my first little grand monkey :) There were complications with Nicole and she was sick. So the Dr's needed her to deliver NOW! Nicole had developed HELLP Syndrome ( Now I was double worried as my first born daughter was very very sick and her first born grand child was coming early like it or not! Trevor came into the world approx 5:30ish that Saturday afternoon. He weighed 4lb 2oz and was breathing on his own! After spending a few hours at the hospital making sure Nicole was properly cared for & Trevor was in good hands, Dean, Meagan, and I went home.

It happened! At about 1:30 AM I got woken up by Craig that Nicole wasn't doing well and that the nurses came in and took Trevor to an ambulance and Trevor was swept away. To a hospital about an hour away! Trevor's breathing was compromised and they wanted him in a NICU. Nicole was having a hard time with her breathing because of the Magnesium they had to give her to prevent seizures. So... I pitched tent in Nicole's hospital room for 10 days. I was there 24/7 except for one day I was sent home to take a nap in my bed, a shower in my shower, and get something to eat. And still left for no more than 4 hours! Craig was at Trevor's bedside the whole time Trevor was at the other hospital. Craig would come see Nicole for an hour or so and go right back to Trevor's side.

Once Nicole was finally better and able to come home....we brought her to "meet her son" who was still in New Brittain for another 3-4 days. Oh the releif there was when they both came home!!!! Yes, it was scary as snot....but that is how this precious little bot came into our lives! With a big BOOM :) And wouldn't have him any other way!!!

HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY TREVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We <3<3<3 YOU!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Something or someone?

Well hello there. Yes, I have been gone from blogging for a while. I am not even sure if anyone reads or has the desire to read anything I write.

Dean has encouraged me to begin writing in notebooks. So, I think I will do that. But am I writing on something or writing to someone? I am not sure of that. I suppose in my writings, I will figure that all out.

I can say that for the first time in my life, with all the stresses around me, I am happy. I am content with me. I am ok with life. Some ask me how or why I can feel at ease, but the answer is very easy! It is because I have opened my heart to God. I have given up all control and finally came to the realization that sometimes it just plain ole isnt up to me! So why fight it!

Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Nicole and Jay are on their own. Meagan is doing exceptionally well in school. My grand children are smiling. Dean is getting better...and I have decided it is time to sit back and let life happen the way it was meant to happen.

I hope and pray every day that everyone can find the inner peace I have! And my new thing is to come onto this blog and actually allow myself to write :)

So grab your seatbelt...tighten it...and lets go on the ride of my life together!!