Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Oscar

Well, I am going to do this here first! I have the most magical Military Macaw named Oscar. I rescued her out of a bad situation in Massachusetts. She was living along side a beautiful Green Wing Macaw. However, the living situation was disgusting. The house was literally falling down, we had to be careful where we stepped to not fall through the floor, and the owners were feeding them only sunflower seed and peanuts! The lady would stop by on her way to work & bring the birds bottled water as there wasnt even water in the house. The owners no longer lived there....just these two gorgeous birds.
I so badly wanted a Green wing :) Well, the green wing hated me! And this beautiful Military Macaw (they named Oscar and called "him" grouchy) was going to another house. But, as the days turned into weeks, the Military..."cranky" "miserable" "jerk" of a bird started talking to me, feeding from my hands, stepping up, playing with Trevor with shoe strings...she was absolutely bonding with us!! Soooo, she stayed with me and the Green Wing was homed with a friend.
I love Oscar. I sincerely LOVE this bird! However, since moving to the new house, she can not be outside the cage for hours and even all day anymore since if I am not in the room...I am afraid the cat or dog will fight with her. So, she is stuck in more than out :-( .... what to do????
Sooooooooo.....the question!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I adopt her out? Do I sell her?? Do I pray this works out? Someone help me! I need opinions! Serious opinions! What do you think??????

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