Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My little Princess turns 5!

Well I am a little late with this post. Things were a little crazy the last few days. I would love to tell everyone Baileigh's story as I did Trevor's! My little princess has turned 5 years old! Where did THAT time go! Well, as many know, I had a major back surgery on 5/23/07. As I was leaving for the hospital, Nicole sent me a text to tease me she would have her Baileigh while I was under the knife. Well, I told her no repeating what happened with Trevor! LOL! Baileigh was to remain cooking till I got home! Well... Are ya ready for this one!!?? So, on May 27th I was finally discharged to go home after the nightmare surgery. I had reactions to the tape, the meds they gave me, just it was a very bad experience and now I had "extra parts" in me. Well, anyways! I came home and got myself up the flight of stairs, got settled into the sleeper sofa (I did not want to be stuck in my bed, so chose to stay on the sleeper...which by the way was comfortable at one point! LOL). Life went on for the first few hours. I got settled in, had people come by to say hi and welcome home, and I got to see Krystle before she left for Pennsylvania. The night came on, we all went to sleep...and then IT happened!! First thing the morning of the 28th Nicole called to say she was in labor! Dang you Nicole!! I said not till AFTER I could get up and down the stairs!! Geesh! So, I called my sister and told her to please get to the hospital right away. I needed her to be there with Nicole as I could definately NOT get up and down the stairs! I asked Dean & Meagan to go. Meagan really wanted to go, but Dean was afraid to meave me the day after coming home. I wanted them to go be with Nicole...but my husband would not leave me :) That is until we got the phone call that Baileigh Elizabeth has arrived!! A beautiful little princess with 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes! And then it happened...Dean got something into his heart and decided that if I would promise to be a "good girl" and remain in the bed, he would take Meagan to meet her new tiny niece Bails :)So, I stayed home and they went to meet the new lil Princess who just melted her way into the hearts of us all! Currently, Baileigh is doing fantastic in Head Start and will start Kindergarden this fall! I can not believe that my child is old enough to have babies, let alone the fact that my grandchildren are in school!!! Pretty neat feeling! :) Happy Birthday Princess!!!!! Memah Loves YOUUUUUUUU!!!

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Traci said...

Aww I remember that day! I told Colie and Marc to call me as soon as she went into labor but the called me the next day! They said bails came so fast they didn't have time. I can't believe it's been five years already! =D