Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tomorrow Trevor (my oldest grandson) turns 8. I mean really? How did that go by so fast? Is it that fast because of the time I had him and raised him? Or is it life just happens that fast?

I clearly remember packing up on a Friday to go camping with my sister almost 2 hours away & having Nicole tell me she was staying at Craig's for the weekend. She wanted to go camping, but we wouldnt take her that far away. Nicole kept teasing me as I packed that if I went camping without her, she was going to go into labor! Silly Nicole, you still have 6 weeks to go! So, with that....Meagan and I left Friday mid-morning on our adventure to the campground to be with Tammy, TJ, & Toni :)

Well ya know...these things called cell phones were pretty popular at that time (I know I know!!!! LOL) and my husband just loved to call me on mine! Saturday Tammy had taken TJ to baseball?? practice or a game and I was hanging with Meagan & ToniLyn. It had started drizzling so I decided since Meagan only came with 1 pair of shoes (ALWAYS check your childs bags when traveling!) we would go up the road a bit and get her flip flops or some sorta shoe that would hold up in water. Approx. 1:45ish my cell rang and it was Dean (Surprise!!) calling to tell me Nicole's water broke & she was headed to the hospital. I told him not to bother me, I was busy with the girls and it was starting to rain....I thought he was busting them on me for not being home. And I hung up on him! Not once...but 3 times :) Well.....anyone wanna take a guess on the 4th ring!

Nicole was on her way to the hospital, Tammy had the keys to the camper and was an hour away in a different direction. (I know what you are thinking!!! CT is not that big!) So, I hung up with Dean when he made it clear he wasnt kidding and Nicole was really heading to the hospital! My heart sank fast...no now! He is early! Crapola! So, I called Tammy...she started driving from where she was and I just locked the doors to the camper (indows open, awning up) and left for home. 2 hours away!!!

I got to the hospital and handed the kids off to Tammy & Dean and went flying into the room where my daughter was in labor!! With my first little grand monkey :) There were complications with Nicole and she was sick. So the Dr's needed her to deliver NOW! Nicole had developed HELLP Syndrome (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001892/). Now I was double worried as my first born daughter was very very sick and her first...my first born grand child was coming early like it or not! Trevor came into the world approx 5:30ish that Saturday afternoon. He weighed 4lb 2oz and was breathing on his own! After spending a few hours at the hospital making sure Nicole was properly cared for & Trevor was in good hands, Dean, Meagan, and I went home.

It happened! At about 1:30 AM I got woken up by Craig that Nicole wasn't doing well and that the nurses came in and took Trevor to an ambulance and Trevor was swept away. To a hospital about an hour away! Trevor's breathing was compromised and they wanted him in a NICU. Nicole was having a hard time with her breathing because of the Magnesium they had to give her to prevent seizures. So... I pitched tent in Nicole's hospital room for 10 days. I was there 24/7 except for one day I was sent home to take a nap in my bed, a shower in my shower, and get something to eat. And still left for no more than 4 hours! Craig was at Trevor's bedside the whole time Trevor was at the other hospital. Craig would come see Nicole for an hour or so and go right back to Trevor's side.

Once Nicole was finally better and able to come home....we brought her to "meet her son" who was still in New Brittain for another 3-4 days. Oh the releif there was when they both came home!!!! Yes, it was scary as snot....but that is how this precious little bot came into our lives! With a big BOOM :) And wouldn't have him any other way!!!

HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY TREVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We <3<3<3 YOU!

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