Friday, July 13, 2012

All in the day of a Memah!

My day started early today. I knew it would. Today is a day of loudness! Trevor & Baileigh are here for the day. It started early, about 6:30 or so. Nicole brought them in, and woke me. Told me the kids were in their room watching Netflix on the computer nice & quiet! That lasted 5 minutes! As soon as Grampy came out of the shower...the volume cranked!
They have had breakfast and lunch. Which in itself is a story I would not bore you with! It is interesting when they say they want one thing and the menu changes in a split second! But, they ate! My kitchen paid the price for it, but it is cleaned up now.
Then off to swimming. The pool is a whopping maybe 15 inches deep and they think they are in the ocean :) Kinda funny! Until...yup! The Bee makes an appearance! Then I have 2 kids running around the yard like it is a swarm! And it was 1! Heehee! Once we controlled the screaming, and they came to see I was not lying..the Bee has left...back into the pool! And then more drama! The end of the world according to Baileigh! Her hair has gotten tangled around her new earring. She wants me to get scissors and cut her hair! Oh no way! I finally, through her screaming fit, managed to untangle her hair and explain to the best I could a 5 year old....that she will live, and still has hair :)
My afternoon is just starting with the lil boogers....Let's see what the rest of the day has for me! It is always exciting looking through the eyes of the children! It is a simpler life...Maybe we all need to try to live that way! Simpler!!

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