Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Did you ever feel....

Hi there, just me a rambling nothings all over the page because I can. I came across an old feeling and decided that I am no longer going to allow certain things or allow certain people to continue to treat me the way they do.
I am a 44 year old mother, wife, friend, cousin, aunt, niece...I think ya get what I am saying. But I am also Tracy. And Tracy is not liking how certain things are happening.
Did you ever think people would never treat you like you are a "toy"? Well you see, I have come to the realization that there are people in my life that do. When it is convenient for them, they take me off the "shelf", "dust me off", get me to do what they need....and then when they are all done, I get put "on the shelf", "back burner" how ever you may want to call it. Well I am tired of it! I am no longer going to allow people to call me "friend" when they need things!
I am tired of being called for a cake, photo's, babysitting, pet watching...but I am nothing more than someone who does them a favor and then I am not even a thought again until they need me again. Some people will read this and think I am talking about them, well...maybe I am am and maybe not. But, if you are thinking I am talking about you, maybe you have a guilty conscious. And if you do...maybe you should realize you are not someone I am going to have in my life anymore! The question should not be "Well, am I who she is talking about?" The reaction should be "I am glad I am not that kind of person"!!
So, think carefully before calling and asking me anything! I am beyond willing to help people. I love to be the one who has all stuff to offer! I can take a great photo! I can bake a kicking cake! I can babysit your kids and love them up & spoil them! And the best part, I WANT to do that for my friends! I will give you anything I can! I will do anything I can do! I will do everything in my power to help. And all I ask back is the same!
I am so tired of having anxiety issues and having to take anxiety meds. I remember a time in my life when I was anxiety free, pain free, and just loved life. I want that back. But it will not happen. I have come to terms with the pain levels. I have even come to terms with the anxiety. But what I can not come to terms with are those people who decided I am their "toy". I will not allow anyone to treat me like that anymore.
I have God in my life! I have great REAL friends in my life! I have great family! So, Hello world :) Goodbye Drama Llama!

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Traci said...

Amen to that! I have friends and even family in my life who treat me like that and recently I have decided I will no longer take part in allowing them to use me like that. It's tough because I still love them but I can't continue to not feel loved in return, just used. Good post. I can relate.