Sunday, June 24, 2012

So, I have my beautiful Military Macaw named Oscar. I was told "He is a mean bird so we named him Oscar"....well, Number 1)The bird isn't mean! And 2) Oscar is a she!
She laid eggs. Obviously, she can not hatch them because she does not have a mate. But we now know she is 8-9 MAYBE 10 yrs old and definatly and SHE!
Now...the bad part for me :( Since moving to this house, Oscar can not come out as much unless I am sitting in the room to make sure she and the dog do not "argue". So, if I am busy or just not home...Oscar doesn't get to stay out of her cage much. And she has this horrendous scream when she is mad at me. Now do not take this wrong, she has every right to "scream" her macaw screams...BUT, this house is so little and it echo's so she does it a lot! I think goofy the bird likes the sound echoing! LOL! I just think it is not fair for her to have to remain in her cage and do not want her to be covered because she is screeching to hear herself. She does have a few words, loves to play, actually allows me to handle her wings. She is a great bird and once she is used to you, she will let you handle her. She steps up :) I love Oscar, and because I love her...I have to sell her. I have to do what is right by her and not me! I am asking $500.00 or best offer for her and her cage. If you know someone who is seriously interested and has some sort of experience with birds...PLEASE let them know about my sweetie.
I hate doing this .... UGH!

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Traci Aerykssen said...

Hey lady, Just stopping by to let you know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award :D