Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life is changing

Well, for anyone who might know runs in the fast lane here! Things have gone from 100 mph to zero, and I think I am going to get used to this!!

I have raised my grandson Trevor while his mom figured some things out. And now it is time for him to "go home". I have many mixed feelings, and learning to deal with them all. I want him with his mommy, but hard to let go. But what is right for Trevor is what is most important. So, now that mommy is well, Dad Jay is doing well, it is time for Trevor to be there. With mom, step dad, sister Baileigh, and baby brother Austin. Now Trevor is getting ready for his new school. Baileigh is in head start, and Austin is....well, he is Austin! It is actually a great feeling that they are all together! Next move (in the future) is to get Baileigh to be there full time too!

And just as this all baby Meagan graduated high school and is heading off to Johnson & Wales! She is so excited. And we are for her! Just 2 short weeks, and she is off! Now we will have a wonderful cook for hte holidays!! Dean and I are so proud of her!

So, looks like Dean & I will have time to get to know each other! What a concept that is! We have been together since just before I turned 17. We had a whirlwind beginning, had Nicole, got married, bought a house, bought a car.......and life has been at 75 mph since! Now, there will be quiet nights to snuggle, go for a walk, and just talk. We have so much to still learn about each other. So, as the kids get their lives started....looks like Dean and I can do the same :)

Hope all in the world is well for whoever might read this....... I know life is getting better all the time here!

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